About one in every two flowers bought in the US comes from Bogota, Colombia. Nancy, a single mother, has worked cutting flowers for over twenty years in order to support her daughter, Sandra, who suffers from a rare spinal disorder. Flores is a small glance into the Colombian flower industry, focusing one of thousands of single mothers who have found in flowers a way to support their children and move forward.


Back in 2001, thousands of fishermen families in Ciénaga, Colombia were forced to leave everything behind after illegal armed groups massacred dozens of innocent men. Ten years later, these same families are facing extreme conditions of poverty due to a pressing environmental problem that has caused the extinction of most fish in the largest marsh in the country.


Roni Horn's beautiful words inspired me to create an audiovisual interpretation of her piece Saying Water. I was immediately fascinated by the artist's idea of an intrinsic continuity of water; it being everywhere and it being everything.

The music used on the piece is by Max Richter. This experimental video was done without the consent of either artist.